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The Association Suvero Belli and Brutti Carnival  was created in 2018 as a non-profit organization to preserve and promote the Carnival

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Stefano Romani
President of the Association

The President of the Association of Carnival of Belli and Brutti di Suvero is madly in love with his village, Suvero, and constantly works to maintain the traditions of his very special and ancestral carnival

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I Belli
Main protagonist

The Belli, protagonists of the Suvero Carnival day, partner in crime of the Brutti but with costumes and colors that make those who for the first time take part in the Carnival fall in love

Statute of the Association

Here it is possible to consult the Statute of the Association of the Carnival of Belle and Brutti di Suvero

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I Brutti
Main protagonist

The Brutti, protagonists of the day of the Carnival of Suvero, with jokes, dances, runs, drunk and eaten to the limit of the human, from the eight of the morning until the dawn of the following day. If you don't have resistance, don't drink with Brutti

Shell and cowbells
Carnival sounds

The sounds of the Suvero Carnival with its shells and cowbells that accompany the parade announcing the arrival of the Belli and Brutti from far away

Dona il 5×1000 al Carnevale
codice fiscale 91093800117

Support the Suvero Carnival by donating 5 per thousand to the event. A form of financing that everyone can do in a very simple way, without any additional burden. Just enter the tax code of the Association of Belli Carnival and Brutti di Suvero in the tax return in the dedicated space dedicated to supporting volunteers and recognized foundations: 91093800117

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